One Simple Wish

See the world past the next door
There is no trace of the hope from the lost stars
There you were glittering glowing
Awash in joys

So? What evil tempest stirs my heartstrings?
What is this Burning in every pore of my heart?
Just for a moment, Divert your attentions and the deepest wounds may be healed.
In this endless dream, I long for nothing else, as I have longed for you.

I only have one purpose – one dream – to serve you:-
My lost innocence, my lost dreams, my lost childhood
Where is gone the shadow of trees where I made myself a home?
Too late, I have given into the ecstasy of the throb that sways my heart

A touch and iron is made to gold
Now I know, But always this heart will live in eternal darkness
And Unto the departed soul, forevermore
It strikes clouds of sorrow

The day is dawning
The sun, the song, the serenade, sympathy between friends – But Separation, Please, No! –
Forbidden – like the fruit of Eden
I entrust you with my soul – here take it – please abuse it

You don’t even know how I pine
You don’t even know how I hurt
Every sorrow I have hidden
The thorns that pierce me, relentlessly
Oh, how I am slain by your love

How do I say this? Whom do I tell?
The Drawn waters from poisoned wells –
Heedless of my dignity. I buckled under the power of love
I lay, On your feet, regardless of my wounded heart
Please, don’t deny me this
one simple wish



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