Wish Upon A Star

I Wish I Wish
And Hoped and Prayed and Wish –
I Wished Upon a Shooting Star
And Wished that the Heavens,
weren’t so near as they were

Afar. I Wish that the diamante night sky
Wasn’t embedded with my far-distant dreams
I Wish that I could hear, listen and also please

Only To Do what I always wanted and fly freely amidst those smooth rings
That encircle a mist of blue, red and stone yellow spheres
Which harbour both my past present hopes and fears
In this vacuum of black and gold, Venus

Will surface and so will soft sighs and desires of the future,
A Milky Twilight; a face in the Crest of the Moon, a smiling friend
Together, no longer in void – its much easier to see those Orbs
The Enchantment – that binds us, blinds us
Again I Wish, And jump through such hindering hurdles blissfully
to play and stay on such a fulfilling place, Space

Is not empty as it is deemed it to be, I have been there, I have seen
That to Wish is to put into Motion, To Say
That I will not lie or lay, but I shall resume my Hope and Pray
And Persist And Continue, Together
Hand-in-Hand, a Journey, a Lifetime, rocketing across the Milkyway.



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