Angel of Death

The Angel of Death came and took you away

I stood afar on the shore and watched as they shipped you down on the tray

Many things that I wanted to say, but it was only silence,

That filled the air that day

Silence, and the sound of sirens

Wails, howls and carrying-on cries

The stroke that unleashed the heavy yet gentle sighs

Release relief and whispers of patience and peace

Let it slowly seep and settle into the night

The dawn breaks and the mind boggles,

At the strength, weakness and injustice the body endures

Forgiveness is what it longs for

Hope and Faith and Love and Lore

Understanding that something lies special at the center, in the core

Unending is the life that awaits us, hereafter, now and forevermore

Breathing, isn’t it all?

When you see them standing side by side, mighty, so tall.

Is it a privilege or a curse?

To see the last breath taken in before us

Difficult to determine the worst

Knowing what lays ahead, the sacred, alluring, upcoming task.

Withheld from me was that monumental moment

Closure, the carving of the final composition

How I wished my hands were the ocean

So I could’ve openly displayed the gift of my devotion

By lapping the soft waves of affection

To strengthen the blessings regarding your resurrection

Hidden beneath the hedge grows

Stand the four corners of the earth

The borderline of my vision and human position

Seeks the sunlight which will soon cushion,

The happy sorrow of yesteryears and the song

That echoes in line with this sudden fission

Right or wrong

The heart intends to remain strong

Dignity and Grace, two elements we wish to remain intact and trace,

On the floor of the unknown, but even more so, the known

3 questions and 3 answers

Falter and you’ll lose in the face of certainty, the game between the threshold of life and death

Simple enough? Just a test? The coming of the Slayer.

Blessed, it’s the

Moon of Holy Fast and Prayer

Nothing more, nothing less than a mortal sinner

Back in the soil, life starts anew, zero, back to a beginner

Look from below, up above and you’ll see

Freedom from strife, oh concord, it will be.



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