Champagne That Doesn’t Glitter

I am an empty bottle
Like that hollow glass, left astray over there on the floor
What a Shame, here I am, I Remain.
There’s peace I’m sure, beyond that far-away door
Oh Let me fade, let me run
Let me Spew
Everything, I’ve learnt, felt, done
Barely hold –
Yet you lay a hand upon me, ready for the upcoming game
Religiously you drink me, wild, untamed
Screw the cork off, break the white spirit spine – but don’t you see? There’s no more.
For sure, this must be the end of the chandelier-blistered evening? I say,
Do you expect me to stay here, this way?
Constantly, wholly, unlearnt, unloved and forgotten?
I Refuse. Only need one more sip, before that fragile hip hits
The floor, and the glass is done, shattered
as I fall, and trinkle down the gutter
I falter, slip, stop, hesitate –
No not again.

on the window-



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