Dreams of his Daughter

You showed me a dream when my eyes were open

With little belief I believed all that you showed me

And carried up the steps my hands full of joy and promises

And wiped away all my fears that may have arisen on my face of the past

But Tomorrow is a day long to be seen, to come, to fulfil, to go pass

And Today is a day to endure, to see, and to live

Now is the moment to grasp, grapple through and survive


I went to heaven and all I saw were dead people, the perfect

White, blue and green did nothing to comfort me

I was thrown back to earth and enjoyed and appreciated the struggle and turmoil that encapsulated everything

The everyday violence that accompanies each step I breathe, where

The cries of the forests, the blood-spilling of birds, the green twilight of envy and the setting of the sun on an argument

Is the life that I long to be near, simple, straightforward, clear

It is here where I can learn and grow, under the shade of your wise words and wisdom

It is here where I feel at home.

Stay here with me, a little longer please, don’t go, don’t leave.



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