Look all you like little one
I will not disown you for what you have done
Show some gratitude however, some sort of redemption
That I have let you come this far- you are lost, astray, they told you not to wonder
I am locked within these four walls, every thread of imagination in this frame with that yellow wallpaper against the foray
Show me what I have not seen sitting here, some words that portray
Your wisdom
I am jealous; I admit, of every opportunity, every freedom
That you are able to secure with knowledge and judgement,
The world awaits you, it is your Kingdom
Take from it what you can, and always be aware
I was fearful of the future, an inherent, intolerable fear of being left alone, burnt
So I put myself here, and now I am here, waiting, for you to show me
What you have seen, what you have discovered, what you have learnt.



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