Multiply X by Ed Sheeran: A Review

By far, one of the best albums to date, and my favourite album this year (although I haven’t listened to many others so not sure this really stands for much…). I actually managed to download the album for free due to a glitch on Amazon (no complaints on my part!). I loved Ed Sheeran’s first album Plus + having heard ‘The A Team’ on the radio in my sister’s car and becoming an instant fan. I have yet to discover any friends in similar circles who ❤ Ed as much as I; recently when I mentioned going to his concert (this coming autumn) to a friend, she said listening to ‘Lego House’ made her feel as though she were pregnant with three kids -_-. So that was pretty much a no in other words.

For me, the best thing about his music is probably the fact that he sings wonderfully mellow songs (I love my mellow songs!), and he has this amazing voice which is very hard to describe in words. It’s also quite rare to find singer/songwriters today, and I think that’s one of the other reasons I really enjoy listening to his music – he writes his own songs and the lyrics tend to stick with you long after you have finished listening them.

So what did I think of the songs on this album? Here they are listed in the order of my favourite -> least favourite, with a score rating and related thoughts:

Top 5

  1. Shirtsleeves (10/10) – ❤
  2. One (10/10) – this is the kind of song you want at your wedding
  3. Tenerife Sea (10/10) – makes me feel like I’m dancing under a disco ball with nothing but cheesecake on my mind 😀
  4. Photograph (10/10) – sort of a war-related song about love, pining, memories and nostalgia; beautiful lyrics
  5. Thinking Out Loud (8/10) – lovely acoustic-sound to this song; makes you think of young love and ponies

The rest

  1. Sing (9/10) – great up-beat tune, especially when you’re on the tube and you don’t want to doze off
  2. Runaway (8/10) – groovey
  3. I’m a Mess (7/10) – because I relate
  4. Bloodstream (7/10) – very catchy beat
  5. Afire Love (6/10) – not sure the tune was the most original; doesn’t do anything for me
  6. I See Fire (6/10) – meh
  7. Don’t (5/10) – ok I suppose
  8. Nina (5/10) – like a story; not sure I like the name Nina though
  9. The Man (5/10) – Ed likes to have at least one ‘rap’ song
  10. Take It Back (5/10) – another ‘rap’ song
  11. Even My Dad Does Sometimes (-/10) – didn’t manage past the first 10 seconds really..

Overall, I think it’s a great album and I can listen to any of the songs depending on my mood (although I’ve had the top 5 on loop). To conclude, I want Ed Sheeran like I want a ginger biscuit.


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