11 Artists on Youtube that my Mate Hates

We all know that Youtube is a place of procrastination and I am no alien to this. One video leads to another and before you know it you’ve wasted a good few hours of your life. People have found a lot of success from broadcasting themselves on Youtube, cough Justin Bieber cough. Ever since, I have noticed a huge increase of young artists looking to develop a platform for themselves, through a mixture of videos showcasing original music or covering existing songs, and to my annoyance, spam comments. I, for one however, really enjoy listening to covers as I like to see how others can take a song and put their own unique spin on it; and if not, I always find it nice to hear a song with a different voice. It can bring a whole new identity and feel to the song, which you don’t always get with fine-tuned artists spurned out by the music industry. A close friend of mine however (he knows who he is), really hates my appreciation for Youtubers cover songs. He has inspired me to write this post ha.

Below I have listed the singing Youtubers who I have stumbled upon from my many years of procrastination and think that they have quite a few videos worth trawling through.

1. Travis Garland- Adorn/Diamonds Mashup

Special shoutout to my friend here ;-). Travis Garland used to be in a boy band before that failed and he went solo. This is probably one of my favourite combo covers on Youtube – it’s upbeat and he’s put his own spin and energy to the song. He’s got a free download of his album somewhere on the internet.

2. SemMusic – Fall Again

SemMusic just has a great smooth trance-like voice. His songs are also always mellow – probably why I like his covers. He’s got several great covers worth listening to and has also managed to release some original songs.

3. Conor Maynard – Girls Love Beyonce

Another Youtuber who managed to land a record deal through his videos. My friend refers to him as ‘the onion’ – unfairly so. Nothing onion-like about him as far as I’m concerned. This is a cover of one of Drake’s songs which is nice to listen to if feeling depressed and in need of a mocktail.

4. Derran Day – Visual

Really great acoustic singer although this cover is one of his newer ones without the guitar. His honeyed voice combined with his piercingly good-looks make for a deadly combo on Youtube. His covers of John Legend’s All Of Me and Drake’s Hold On We’re Going Home are worth listening to.

5. Lauren Legato & Kris James – Who You Love

This is just a really cute cover that I randomly came across recently. Kris James’ silvery voice makes this rendition particularly memorable.

6. Pia Mia – Hold On We’re Going Home

A female cover of Drake’s song (quite popular on Youtube) with a distinctly different beat.

7. Daniel De Bourg – Sure Thing

I’m not sure if he is particularly good or not, as his voice isn’t significantly unique, but I think he’s worth a mention. He appears topless in some of his videos which is just frankly unnecessary ❓ . All his covers sound relatively similar; so have just chosen this video at random (non-topless).

8. SoMo – Chris Brown Medley

This guy really sings his heart out. And who doesn’t love Chris Brown eh.

9. Aaron Pantaleon – Unthinkable

Short and sweet.

10. Andrew Garcia – I Miss You

I think he was on American Idol at some point. This cover includes his comrades and they have composed a nice harmony together. The guy in the middle seems to hold the strongest voice.

11. Siren Gene – How Will I Know

She used to go by the name Tiffyiffyiffy but now that’s changed to go alongside her whole new makeover I guess. She really does put her own stamp on songs when she covers them.

It will be interesting to see who the next Youtube star is in a few years!


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