6 Reasons Why Everyone Should be More Like Louis Litt

If you don’t know who Louis Litt is, it means that you don’t watch Suits, which means your life is missing a huge piece of awesomeness.

To all Suits fans out there, I’m sure you’ll agree with me here when I say that we all need to be a bit more like Louis Litt in our daily lives:

1. He loves animals

Fluffy cats especially

Because fat fluffy cats are amazing
Because fat fluffy cats that don’t know any better are amazing

2. He is fiercely loyal

No body wants a flaky friend

3. He is super smart and isn’t afraid to show it

Because intelligence is sexy

Don't Mess with Louis Litt
Don’t mess.

4. He takes risks

‘Hi I’m just going to sign my name here and commit fraud’ – because life’s too short to not bend the rules once in a while

The face of pure ecstasy
Come at me bro

5. He’s not afraid to express himself

Do you mud?

You know you want to
You know you want to

6. He knows how to sell his brand

Somebody please get me one of these mugs

You just got Litt Up


Sad that Season 4 is already over 😥


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