Yes, I Listen to Bengali Music

To celebrate the start of Bengal History Week (yes such a thing exists) I have decided to share some of my favourite Bengali tunes in my latest blog post. This week (from the 18th – 26th October), various events, from talks on the history of the East India Company and Mughals to films and historic walks, will be taking place in London to commemorate all things Bengali. I tried to go to one of these talks today – but due to my gross incompetence with tubes I ended up in Bethnal Green instead of Stepney Green, and even as an Asian, was too embarrassed to turn up to the talk half an hour late (I ended up shopping on Oxford Street). If anyone is interested in attending some of these, the list of events happening this week can be found here. My contribution to this week is sharing some of my favourite Bengali songs, which I feel today remains totally illusive to many in the West. My older sister introduced me to it when I was in Year 7 or 8 (can’t remember) on a sunny day when I was fiddling through her makeup drawer. It was an album entitled ‘A Ride to the Past’/Past Times she had purchased randomly online with various Bengali songs mixed with classic English songs, and this was the album which grew my love for Bengali music. Below I have featured some of my favourite songs from the album and others that I have come across over the years.

1) Govir Ratey (Breathe Again Remix)

From the Past Times album; all time favourite.

2) Je Ka Nai Pailam (Remix)

Don’t understand a word but it’s groovy.

3) Mardikani Ar Kichuni (Don’t Talk Remix)

Feel good.

4) Tumi Je Amar (You Sang To Me Remix)

Another one of my favourite’s from the Past Times Album.

5) Hawai Hawai Dolna Dola

Depressingly good.

6) Shader Lao

The ultimate classic.

7) Prithibir Joto Shukh

Because mellow songs are the best.

8) Shopner Cheyeo Modhur

Even mellower.

9) Yeh Raat Tumaar Amar (Baby Remix)

Not Justin Bieber’s Baby.

So there you have it. A handful of songs that I understand very little of (my Bengali is on the rocks) but thoroughly enjoy listening to.


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