Three Months of Rain

So my housemate has been saying over the past few days that we should be expecting “three months of rain” from this month forth in the UK. Depressing? I for one don’t mind the rain as long as I am not outside and am in my king sized bed (which my friends call ‘The Bed of Dreams’ – yeup, that’s how amazing it is). A friend of mine was over this weekend and it was pouring outside. We wanted something rather depressing yet mellow to listen to (a good rainy day playlist essentially) while we were making breakfast at lunch time but failed to find anything to our liking to listen to online. I was somewhat motivated and have managed to put together a playlist of sorts together this evening. It’s an eclectic mix of whatever was available via as this is where 8tracks pulls its music from mostly (I’m too lazy to upload anything online from scratch myself). If the grim weather today is any indication of what’s to come in the next three months, I imagine I will be listening to this playlist a lot and enjoying being unproductive as ever.

Playlist can be found on entitled ‘Rainy Day Mix’


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