Life Plan: A Year in Review 2014

The year before last I returned from a six-week trip in China and had to face the depressing reality of being back in rainy England with no sight of a job on the horizon, and with the only perks of being able to watch TV and sleep limitlessly. One optimistic day I decided to meet my friend Tom at Starbucks to sort my life out. I also offered to help him sort out his in the process. As usual, he was two and a half hours late. After my anger had simmered to a somewhat moderate level, we were surprisingly productive in creating a list of our individual life goals – things we want to achieve before death. Tom wrote down all the things I wanted or wanted to do (which I vocalised with passion and which he criticised for being far too idealistic/unrealistic/stupid – and which I ignored) and vice versa. Mine spread to two comprehensive sides of A4 whilst Tom’s list stuck to half a page of A4; he says he wanted to keep them ‘realistic’.

We recently met up for tacos (prepping for our 2015 mid-year trip to New York 😉 ) and decided to review what we had achieved in 2014. I was very surprised and grateful to find that I could happily cross off several things on my list! As a way to embark on 2015 and reflect appreciatively on 2014, I thought it would be nice to look back at the things I have achieved so far (as scribed by Tom):

  • Get a job in government or publishing (got a job in publishing woo)
  • Write a book (working on it, this blog being one of the many baby steps to writing regularly and getting feedback from people)
  • Lose some weight (yes, but gained it all over again… gaaah)
Fatty for life.
Fatty for life.
  • Interact with C U T E guys and give them a chance (find it hard to believe that I said this but apparently I did…?! So, I did give some cute guys a chance this year until they said something un-feminist or extremist and pissed me off)
  • Live in London for one year (done and moving into my second year of living there!)
  • Do a Masters in something (I’ve started a post-graduate course entitled Professional Marketing with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), so not really a Masters per say, but sort of close as it’s rather specialist and for professional development. My dream is still to do a Masters/PhD in South Asian History one day nonetheless)
  • Finish Grey’s Anatomy (nearly completed watching Season 5)
  • Read as many books as possible (working on it… currently reading Gone Girl, The Beach, Wuthering Heights and The Interpretation of Murder, and still trying to finish off Brick Lane (fml))
Why gawd whyyy.
Why gawd whyyy.
  • Support my fam (I visit and call more often and get things done that need to be done etc…)
  • Travel the world (I went to Morroco and Berlin in 2014, and New York and Rome are on the list for 2015)
  • Don’t get diabetes (tick)
  • Maintain long hair (at least for now…)
  • Get some tablet (got a Samsung one which means I can stream TV shows even more easily than ever before…)
  • HOARDER FOR LIFE (erm… no comment)

As you can tell, my life goals aren’t really inspirational or out of the ordinary and maybe Tom wasn’t so wrong in pointing out that some are particularly idiotic; reviewing them today I’m not sure if some of these are even valid life goals as opposed to random things I wanted to do or buy at the time of writing. There are a few other things I did this year that I wanted to note down (even though they aren’t on my life goals list, they provide the initial steps to achieving those that are i.e. starting my own charity/foundation etc.):

  • Finally started horse-riding in the summer
Chester <3
Chester ❤
  • Started this book blog although I have yet to actually write a single book review -_-
  • Got promoted woo
  • Got elected onto the Board of Trustees for a charity that aims to work together with men and women to end domestic violence, especially at a policy level and thus make a national change in training and practice
  • Started volunteering with another women’s/DV charity to help women who have experienced domestic violence or suffer from mental health issues to move on with their lives (and passed the 5-week training process and all)
  • Tutored/provided guidance to over 15+ students in English, Psychology, Personal Statements etc.
  • Started learning the art of cooking and buying raw vegetables
  • Joined the gym
  • Reached out to old friends and new ones
  • Mastered reading the tube map

It’s also worth mentioning that I did not nearly do enough of the following in 2014:

  • Partying
  • Sleeping
  • As much reading as I had hoped

I think I may have to revisit the list and add a few more actual life goals to it and revise things like ‘buy 3 Cartier bracelets’ and ‘be a model…’. I read a lot of articles and one that has stuck with me is the idea of goal-setting and that you are more likely to succeed if you set goals for yourself, as it is then easier to visualise the steps to achieving it. Basic I know, yet surprisingly very few people do this and tend to opt for short-lived New Year’s resolutions. This list must have worked for me on a subconscious level at least as I hardly revisited it throughout the year. So here’s to conquering more life goals in 2015, sleeping on the tube, traipsing about New York and becoming a marketing guru with my new course. And to answer your question, yes, I am still a hoarder although I cleaned out my room today and got rid of some old envelopes I was holding onto for no reason whatsoever.

Bring, It. On.
Bring. It. On.

Happy New Year!

N.B. Tom’s scribbles were difficult to read – must clarify certain things by next year when I do my 2015 review.


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