29 Quotes for When You’re Feeling Like a Frog

Because we all need inspiration sometimes.

So I love quotes. I mean, who doesn’t love quotes? A good quote can make you feel a little better and harbour some hope for something or give you inspiration to do something or say something. Everyone feels down and foggy from time to time and needs a pick-me-up, and quotes can do it better than coffee. Here I have compiled a list of cute quotes/sayings (in no particular order) that I have stumbled across my listless wanderings on the Internet for answers when feeling lost and like a frog, hopping from one thing to another looking for a fat juicy fly for contentment. Currently I am pursuing my passion for the arts and exploring my ‘creativity’; tomorrow I will probably want to become a world-class-master-of-the-arts programmer working for B6 13 (Scandal reference). But yes, whatever it is, post-uni life is a void of complexity, anxiety, apprehension and relentless questioning – in all personal, social and professional spheres. Sometimes you just don’t want to give a ****. And that’s why I refer to quotes – because they help to put it all into perspective 😉 .

1) Don’t doubt it

Doubt quote

2) Truf:


3) #NuggetsOfWisdom

work to learn

4) For those trying to align themselves to the personality of wallpaper

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.” – Maya Angelou

5) Always think beyond beyond

“The power of imagination makes us infinite.” – John Muir

6) Social morals suck, so rip your clothes off and run

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.” – Charlotte Brontë (Jane Eyre)

7) When you’re feeling sorry for yourself and you think no one loves you, THINK AGAIN (also, I simplythis quote)

“People say I love you all the time – when they say ‘take an umbrella, it’s raining,’ or ‘hurry back,’ or even ‘watch out, you’ll break your neck.’ There are hundreds of ways of wording it – you just have to listen for it, my dear.” – John Patrick (The Curious Savage)

8) Remember, that books came before Google and there is a lot of inspiration waiting to be found, and also because I would never date someone who doesn’t read

“The man who doesn’t read books has no advantage over the man who can’t read them.” – Mark Twain

9) You can never go wrong with being kind to others

“Meet people in such a way that if you die, they weep for you, and if you live, they should long for you”. – Ali Ibn Abi Talib

10) For when you’re feeling shallow

“Beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart.” – Anonymous

11) Don’t worry, you’re not the only one, there’s always that one idiot

“If you ever ask me how many times you’ve crossed my mind, I would say once. Because you came, and never left.” – Ritu Ghatourey

12) Because the sun, when it comes out, is glorious

Tolstoy Anna Karenina

13) For when you’re feeling like crap

“The loneliest people are the kindest. The saddest people smile the brightest. The most damaged people are the wisest. All because they do not wish to see anyone else suffer the way they do.” – Anonymous

14) Making a difference matters, a lot

Dalai Lama Quotes

15) For those as oblivious as me (seriously, if you want something from me, you’re gonna have to throw me against a wall and make your intentions very clear – )

keri hilson quote

16) I just love this quote (and the book naturally) ❤

Wuthering Heights

17) For taking away the cloak of shame

“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” – Rumi

18) Because you never get over it, and because you don’t have to

“Death has nothing to do with going away. The sun sets. 
The moon sets. 
But they are not gone.”

 – Rumi

19) Because MT was a boss

“Power is like being a lady; if you have to say you are, you aren’t.” – Margaret Thatcher

20) People might encourage you and support you, but ultimately you’re gonna have to do it, so might as well start now

“People have to stop sitting there trying to figure out and trying to discover who they are and start designing who they want to be.” – Anonymous

21) Everybody needs an escape, find yours

“But the writing was the real freedom, because nobody told me what to do there. That was my world and my imagination, and all my life it’s been that way, even now.” – Toni Morrison

22) 100%

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” – Confucius

23) Life, Love and Pain go hand in hand; you’ll learn to be resilient over time… or not

“Write hard and clear about what hurts.” – Ernest Hemingway

24) Because its the shit

“I once had a thousand desires. But in my one desire to know you all else melted away.” – Rumi

25) What’s holding you back?

“Whosoever has conquered fear, has conquered failure.” – Unknown

26) Because melancholy is the new cool

“Find the key emotion; this may be all you need to know to find your short story.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

27) Regret is all too easy, don’t sweat it

Roosevelt Quote

28) Who wants a life of mediocrity?

Watson quote

29) Hot people on the tube… they do exist. Maybe not on the Hammersmith & City line though…

“I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world. We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky, and lost amongst the subway crowd I try and catch your eye.” – Leonard Cohen


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