2015 Book Challenge

2015 book challenge

A friend of mine forwarded me the 26 Books to read in 2015 challenge that she came across on Pinterest. I thought I would try it out this year to motivate me to get through the slowly mounting library that is my bedroom. I own most of the books I read and read most of the books I own, so there first one pretty much will overlap with the rest of the challenges, but I still plan on writing an individual book review for each challenge. I have started on number 6, reading a book by an author I’ve never read before. Watch this space for exciting reviews 🙂

  1. A book you own but haven’t read
  2. A book that was made into a movie
  3. A book you pick solely because of the cover
  4. A book your friend loves
  5. A book published this year
  6. A book by an author you’ve never read before
  7. A book by an author you love
  8. A book at the bottom of your ‘to be read’ pile
  9. A book with a colour in the title
  10. A book set somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit
  11. A book you started but never finished
  12. A book with a lion. A witch. Or a wardrobe
  13. A book with a female heroine
  14. A book set in the summer
  15. A book of poems
  16. A book you learned about because of this challenge
  17. A book that will make your smarter
  18. A book with a blue cover
  19. A book you were supposed to read in school but didn’t
  20. A book “everyone” but you has read
  21. A book with a great first line
  22. A book with pictures
  23. A book from the library
  24. A book you love… read it again!
  25. A book that is more than 10 years old
  26. A book based on a true story

Just a fragment of my library.


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