Today, I asked myself

Where are all the good men?

Who don’t bicker and dismiss

Their loved ones with a hiss

With a side glance and a kiss

I love you, they say, they persist

I’ll be there in a moment, not long now, they insist

Only to turn away

And go back to living the lies

of their daily




Where are all the good men

I wonder

Who don’t look at you and sigh

Wish to say something but remain silent, hide

behind the walls of their armour, their pride

Who wait in the shadows, feelings in disguise

In the spaces and moments between time

glances so telling


more lies


Where are all the good men

who are brave enough to say how they feel

that everything they want today, tomorrow, is real

that their heart is there for the taking, for the steal

that theirs is the eternal promise,



Bound by loyalties of all kinds

And it’s all for you

No more lies


Where are all the good men

I ponder, as I watch you through the window, alone


Where are all the good men, I say

Who do not fear mistakes, who value what you have to offer

and all that is at stake

all the compromises you make

day in day out

for their happiness, for their sake


Where are all the good men

who appreciate

the lull that comes with age,

the warmth that come with your words,

the wisdom that comes with your trust

The good men, who take your hand

and lead the way

to lands far away

to breathtaking heights

Who lie awake at night

under the moon’s light

to make sure your dreams are full and bright

and demons are banished, out of sight


Where are all the good men, I wonder

After spotting you stay behind

After a long hard day, standing outside

beyond the glass planes, under the broken umbrella

I watch

As you hover, left and right, side to side

In the cold rain with your pale face and curly hair, never mind

I watch you wait, hour after hour

and wonder

how can you stand there

and not wonder.


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