New Year’s Goals for 2017: Part 2

Continuing on from my previous post, here’s Part 2!

6. #FitnessGoals

Following on from no. 5, I have several fitness goals this year. This includes running regularly and completing my first ever 10k in April in order to fundraise for the Centre for Cancer Immunology at the University of Southampton, completing 12 weeks of Kayla Itsines’ infamous BBG 1.0 workout and walking 10,000 steps a day (Fitbit going to be my best friend this year!). This is all part of my effort to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise has never been a regular part of my life until the past few months and this has certainly required a concerted effort on my part. It really helps that the gym is located right outside of the office in which I work and I have discovered that I do love going to the gym, having weights sessions with my PT, as well was working out at home or simply running outside with my friends. But as I’m sure you can relate, I have days where I am feeling like shite and hitting the gym is the last thing on my mind. Days like this simply have me pining for Ready Salted Crisps and huddling under my duvet with my iPod – add the psycho British weather affecting my mood swings daily – I literally never want to leave my bed. So my fitness goal really involves planning a schedule, sticking to it as best as I can and remembering that I love the endorphins and how I feel at the end of a workout. Also want mini-abs so, gotta keep going and not give up!

7. Pass my driving!

If any of you follow me on social you’ll know that the #struggle is REALLY REAL. My attention span isn’t great, I’m going to be honest. It still shocks me that I have managed to survive uni and many a number of other scenarios up to this point in my life, considering how easily I am distracted (flashback to falling asleep in my lectures and drooling all over my mate and the lecturer calling me out >_<). But honestly, the main challenge is PASSING ME BLOODY THEORY. I have failed on this shitty thing way more times than is necessary or even acceptable, and I really need to SORT IT OUT. Even the cute guy at work was like 0_0 . The problem is that I find it so tedious revising for it and the centre where you have to take the test in Southampton is so UTTERLY DEPRESSING that I just feel completely de-motivated and woebegone the moment I enter the building – SIGGHHHH. I have never really needed to drive up until this point in my life – having been able to walk or use public transport to get to places I needed to in the past but now I am finding that I REALLY NEED TO DRIVE. It would save me eons of time getting to work which means I could essentially sleep more – which is critical considering my Fitbit tells me I’m averaging 4 hours a night – no wonder I’m a zombie at work half the time!


8. Travel goals

I always aim to visit at least 2-3 countries a year, and this year is no different. Countries on my list this year include Copenhagen, Lisbon and Croatia, and potentially Scotland and Spain if I can manage it. I love traveling, minus the actual to and fro to the airport part, and always have an amazing time. Experiencing new food, new sights and culture and just taking a break from the content monotony of day-to-day life is always a treat, although I do tend to feel quickly homesick for whatever reason! Britain, it’s a love/hate relationship with you! I am planning on going with my friends, and the countries chosen this year were in line with the places they are eager to visit too. I have a growing Google spreadsheet outlining all the places I want to go to in my lifetime, and I try and colour-code according to best times to go/high/low seasons etc. #productiveprocrastination right herreee. Currently my planning has stalled due to work turning out to be rather busy than normal so have no idea when I’m going to manage to squeeze these hols in but maybe my priorities just need to shift ehh.

9. Read the Qur’an – a chapter or more a week

Right this is super important to me. I have the English version of the Qur’an sitting on my top shelf gathering dust. In the past I have attempted to read it by dipping into it here and there but have never fully read through it from start to finish. My faith is really important and personal to me, and as I don’t understand Arabic (but can read it sort-of), the next best thing is the English version. I have one of the best translations on the market (the Oxford University Press version), and for whatever reason, I’ve read a ton of other books, but never seem to make it a priority to sit, read and take it all in when it comes to the Qur’an. I have learned of my faith through my family and readings growing up, but the actual tome itself I have not read through to the end – which in many ways can be considered somewhat ludicrous. How can someone dedicate themselves to their faith properly without fully understanding it to the best of their ability? So this is one of my key goals this year. I’ve set a chapter a week because reading it isn’t like reading any other book; every sentence/paragraph is loaded with a lot of meaning, so it’s important to take the time out and fully digest everything and see how I can apply it to my life and environment.

10. Push myself out of my comfort zone

As a person, I am quite confident in most areas of my life. This really has come from a strong belief in myself and what I am capable of, and from those around me who have supported me, invested in me and validated my worth in more ways than one, whether it’s through friendship, coming to me for advice because they trust my judgement or simply depending on my support, whatever the reason. However, just like most people, there are several areas in my life, where I am not so confident or comfortable in. For me this hails back to being at my core an introvert (I know, you may find this really hard to believe -_- most people do!); but honestly, when I was younger, I never spoke to anyone unless I was spoken to and took an interest in more solitary emo activities (such as painting, writing, reading, eating etc.). My best friend during my childhood was the opposite however; she was outgoing, loud and would befriend anyone who came her way. So as the old age saying goes – opposites attract – and it’s no wonder we were the #bestfriendsforever duo that everyone knew us as. After she passed away however, in many ways I ended up taking up many of her traits – going through my rebellious phase, to my overly outspoken and feminist phase, to my now strong, confident, don’t-give-me-any-BS-self.

Nonetheless, throughout recent years I find myself hesitating more than once, and the introvert in me pushing through, when presented with things out of my comfort zone, especially when it comes to trying new things and my romantic life. During uni, I made it a priority to try new and challenging things, even if it didn’t agree with me, and I continued with this even whilst I was in London. However, since moving back to Southampton, where my life is just simply more content and stable, I have found that that part of myself seems to have been squeezed out to the periphery! So this year, I really want to do my utmost when it comes to pushing myself out of my comfort zone and not holding myself back because of others’ judgements – which I have found in the past to be quite a significant reason for holding me back when it came to doing things I wanted to do.

I have found that in the past when I’ve taken active steps to challenge myself, that it really helped me grow as a person and learn more about myself – which I believe is a key part of life! This year I want to try things from the small and mundane, such as trying hot drinks beyond an americano e.g. herbal teas, to listening to new types of music and trying new foodstuffs etc. to the more daring, such as asking someone out, being more experimental with topics I cover in my writing and even my paintings/artwork choices. I think pushing myself out of my comfort zone will really help me be more true to myself, as I find that it’s increasingly easy, without even realising, to hinder yourself or stay in the well-harboured walls of your comforts when there’s no real external push to challenge yourself. This is something I feel that everyone should aspire to. It just makes life more interesting too. Otherwise you just end up living sort of half-lives, with wanting to do stuff, but never really going for it, whether it be doubts holding you back or the fear of something going awry. Sheryl Sandberg said something along the lines of “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.” This I have certainly found to be true thus far in my life. Sure, someone can say no, or things may not work out as planned, but honestly in the grand scheme of things, it really is a blip in one’s memory or feelings. So here’s to 2017 and trying things that I’ve been afraid to try, taking on new challenges and not giving a **** about what people think.

So that’s it! These are the goals that I have decided to focus on this year, amongst other things. Hope you enjoyed reading it and look out for more of my posts coming up as I plan on trying to write a few different things that I may not have been so confident in publishing before xxx





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