I was on a boat (don’t ask me why I was on a boat)
And a man approached, confidently
In a suit, through the crowd, afloat
He said hello there, we glanced at each other from across the room
And I just had to come over, and introduce myself to you

We spoke for a moment or two
About who we were and who we knew
Before he exclaimed, so you are both beautiful and intelligent, what a rarity for this to be true!
Can I take you to dinner, today, tomorrow, anytime, whatever you wish
Please, do not say nay
Women like you are hard to come by,
It is not something of the everyday

I apologise for my forthrightness
But I cannot see anything else beyond you, in your striking dress
I speak nothing but the truth, and from me, you can expect nothing less
Do not reject me I beg of you, lest you enjoy watching lovers suffer
I am happy to give you all that I have, the best a man can offer

I am flattered, but I cannot, you see, I have standards, walls, barriers, that you cannot climb, that you cannot meet
Do not be offended, it is simply not meant to be
Maybe some other time, when I am truly in need, but for now I am happy being free,
forgive me sir,
but can I ask you to leave?

Oh so you’re one of them are you
Better than the rest
Making every man jump through multiple hoops and tests
You won’t even consider the possibility, the chance of something more
How can you be so sure,
That you’ll never second guess?

I said stop, stop surmising me with your theories and nonsense
I don’t have time for this, I’m not for one who remains on the fence
My answer is no, I’m sorry you don’t like to hear it
There’s a time and place for this, and it’s not right now
Don’t press it.

He said you’ll be by yourself, you’ll be alone for a very long time.
I’ve noticed, that you don’t even look at the 99% of men.
I said whatever, get lost, I’m willing to wait for the 1%.
I repeat, he said, hear my words, you’ll be alone for a very long time.
Don’t be so cold my dear,
You’ll remember this and
You’ll regret it.


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