The year is 2091

I am old and frail

But I recognise you, still

In the distant morning sun

As I walk down the long garden trail


Every Saturday

Without stopping

Without fail


This time

I take my time, slowly, towards the Coffee Shop at the end

Can it be, after all these years

That I am finally seeing you,


Through the long grown green bushes, down the yellow path

My heart beats






And All I See

Is You

Through my tears

Standing there, with your walking stick

And thin dimpled smile

And white hair

Blowing in the wind, without a care

Is it you, Is it you?

I touch your arm lightly,

And I know you, I know you

I say.


and I Smile back

ever so slightly.


Hello, Hello

You do, You do

We met over 80 years ago

On this very same day

In fact


Today, I left the hospital behind

And came to find you.

I couldn’t stay away any longer

And I know you come by this way

Every weekend, for the past few years, during May


I saw you once, you know, when you weren’t looking

You were sitting over there, by the pond


And you looked so glorious in the midday sun

Like the day I saw you in London

When you were signing your books

And greeting your fans


But you didn’t know, you didn’t know

That I came and stood at the back

All those years ago

Hoping to catch you

At one of your sold-out shows


You didn’t see me though

You didn’t see me go

To the tree you mentioned

The one that hangs low


I went and sat in the shade

My head against your works, watching the sunlight fade

Under the clouds, on the grass, in the corner of Hyde Park

on a long day, it was, during the middle of March


And You don’t know, You don’t know

How I’ve read your words over and over

In the books, and the blog posts

In the comments, and the grey papers

You mention me

All over 


In your Art, and Your Eyes

I can see

My green shirt

And Aztec print jumper

In the tall glass building

Where we first met 

Sometime between the summer and winter

I remember, I remember too

Don’t think I don’t

Because I do, I do


That’s why I came today,

I came looking for you.

I need to say something

Before my days are over, and everything turns misty blue

And you are beyond my reach

And there are no more chances for us, to meet 

I’m sorry, I’ve never said it before

I never knew, that you wanted more

But here I am, and it’s true

I love you


I love you too.


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