It’s been a mellow month for me. I feel like I wallow a lot. I think I must enjoy it on some level hmmmm…

Listening to…

DVSN – Morning After

I have been waiting for this album to release for ages! Have been pretty much listening to this on repeat (mostly at the gym woo) since it’s release on October 14th in the UK.


Favourite tracks are:

  • Nuh Time / Tek Time (at 3.20 my feelings BEGIN)
  • Conversations in a Diner
  • Body Smile
  • Morning After
  • You Do

I’m a huge fan of Daniel Daley’s voice – I’m a 90s gal through and through so anything that reminds me of 90s R&B like Boys II Men, Brian McKnight, All-4-One etc. is like a win for me. Rolling Stone have described DVSN as “emotive, throwback R&B of the future” – and I couldn’t agree more. I loved their first album September 5th, and Morning After, although not as compelling (I feel they’re going somewhat more mainstream in their sound), it’s still a decent follow up. Bits of the album was inspired by the different types of film and music that they encountered on their travels, and this definitely comes across in the visuals of the album – especially the cover art, which I really like.

Jhené Aiko – Trip

This was released in September this year, and as I’ve finally downloaded the Spotify app on my iPod (going crazy on these free trials atm wooeee), I’ve been working my way through some more albums. I think I am enjoying this because it’s got a mellow psychedelic sound to it. Not sure how else to describe it. She herself has said it was shaped by her journey through grief (she lost her brother to cancer in 2012). This is probably why I can relate to it quite closely. Favourite song so far is ‘Ascension’, but I’m still working through the album.


Tate Britain

Literally so dumb – I was supposed to go to Tate Modern to see the Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power exhibition, but I didn’t realise there was more than one Tate until I rocked up at Tate Britain and was like ‘HI I WANNA SEE THIS EXHIBITION ASAP PLS’ (I was running low on ze time). And cute guy behind the counter was like ‘SORRY DEAREST YOU’RE AT THE WRONG PLACE – YOU’RE LOOKING FOR TATE MODERN BUT YOU’RE AT TATE BRITAIN YA NUMPTY’* (*may not be his exact words). I was annoyed at myself but this is what happens when ya fail to plan. FAIL TO PLAN, PLAN TO FAIL AS THEY SAY. Anyhow, since I was there, I thought I would make the most of it and have a wander. I was looking for some inspiration, not sure I found it but saw some interesting stuff. The young preppy private school boys trying to be subversive was my favourite bit tbh.


13 Reasons Why

Finally got Netflix… FREE TRIAL OH YEH. I know, I know, I’m like donkeys of years behind the times or whatever, but hey hoo, got there in the end. Been wanting to watch this for a while as it has received a lot of coverage earlier this year (no doubt the fact that Selena Gomez is an executive producer on it helps!). If you’re not familiar with the premise, 13 Reasons Why is the story of Hannah Baker, a teenager in high school, who commits suicide after a series of events. Before her death however, she records 13 tapes detailing the individuals and the reasons that ultimately led her to take her life. The show addresses some really sensitive issues, including bullying, voyeurism, drug abuse, rape and, most key for me, mental health.

I found the actress Katherine Langford (who plays the protagonist Hannah Baker), really compelling. Her portrayal of Hannah’s internal conflict was really powerful, and it really brought to light the debilitating impact poor mental health can have on one’s actions. This is what really stood out for me in the show- it showed how mental health can profoundly affect every part of your life- from your ability to remember things to your interactions with others to how you digest any single situation. Hannah’s mental health meant she reacted to the situations she encountered differently to someone who doesn’t suffer from mental health issues might have. One of the key things about poor mental health, is that you can’t always process or think through things rationally or develop a tendency to overthink everything. Someone watching the show may think she overreacted in many situations, but anyone who’s ever struggled with their mental health or depression would understand that her reactions were perfectly normal or plausible in her context.

If you have the time, I would definitely recommend watching it. It’s got a lot of teen drama but the message the show aims to get across is a really important one. The pace can be a bit slow at times but I think it really lends itself to the seriousness of the issues its dramatising.

Thor: Ragnarok

Actually went to the cinema to watch this on a whim witnessing my baby sister’s excitement regarding the new Marvel movie (she loves all things Marvel da cutie). I legit never go to the cinema. Go like once a year or something. Anyhoo, once I found out Tom Hiddleston was in it I was like TAKE ME NOWWWW. I surprisingly enjoyed it – it was actually really entertaining and I did not, wait for it, fall asleep!! Lord behold. And that speaks volumes!


Fat is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach


This is the main book I chose to read this month. Sticking to my New Year’s goal of reading at least ONE book per month. If you’ve been reading my posts, then you’ll realise that I have been choosing to read a lot more non-fiction this year and I have been really enjoying it. It keeps my mind engaged now that I am no longer a student – I love reading about new perspectives and ideas that open up my world view and challenge my current thinking and/ or perceptions. I am really into health/fitness/food so love reading anything around that. Fat is a Feminist Issue was recommended to me by a work colleague and am really enjoying it (have yet to finish it). It provides a compelling debate on female body image, dieting and the beauty narrative that continues to plague every woman today. 5 stars from me.

The Couple Next Door by Shari Lapena

This has been all over the bestsellers list for Southampton this month so I also picked it up. It’s a crime-thriller and I enjoyed the light and easy read. I always seem to get into crime-thrillers during autumn/winter time- dunno why- must be something to do with the weather/mood/the time this genre is really pushed in the book shops or something. I’m also trying to balance out my reading pile by wading through one fiction and non-fiction book per month. It’s going ok so far. And as I’m off sick from work at the moment I have a bit more time on my hands. The Couple Next Door is about the tragedy that unfolds after a couple leaves their baby alone to enjoy a dinner party at the next door neighbour’s house, only to find when they get back that she is missing. DUN DUN DUNNN. I shall say no more 😉 .

couple next door.jpg

As usual I have also been buying and downloading more books than there will ever be enough time to read while I’m alive on this planet. But I’m certainly making the most of my Audible free trial (downloaded Ulysses the other day!) and picked up these babies below which I’m excited to get started on next month!




Had my first go at writing poetry in the form of haiku this month. This is a Japanese form of poetry based on syllables 5-7-5 across three sentences, creating a distinct rhythm. I learnt about this last year during my writing course and decided to give it a go after looking through my notes. Here it is:

Top Five Regrets of the Living

I was inspired to write my top five regrets to date after reading the famous top five regrets of the dying. I really enjoyed writing it and reflecting on past events and seeing how I want to move forward.

World Mental Health Day (10th October)

I’ve wanted to write my thoughts on mental health for ages and finally got around to it after watching 13 Reasons Why. I will be publishing the post shortly so watch this space!

Focusing on…

Fitness goals

My cut has officially started. I have been messing around with losing the excess weight I have gained this year and it has not had a good impact on my mentality. Finally got my brain back in focus and have been ‘cutting’ i.e. in a calorie-deficit for a week now. It can be challenging when it seems like all your Mum or siblings want to do is sabotage every attempt to lose weight by buying all the junk food in the world and cooking the most deliciously aromatic Asian food. But I am in like my CRAZY FOCUS MODE – which means if I want something, I will be like a machine and just work towards that goal relentlessly. Like, don’t ever challenge me on something because I will rise to that challenge like that fat kid in Matilda who demolishes that chocolate cake in front of everyone to a round of deafening applause.

Mental health

I tend to overthink things and wallow a lot I find recently. Certain events in the past few months have left me feeling down and blue so trying to stay positive and do little things everyday that keeps me busy and productive, yet simultaneously trying not to overwhelm myself. It’s all part of me getting better and recovering ❤ . Reading and writing, lots of coffee, buying books, detoxing off social media, gymming to get those endorphins going and eating foodstuffs which make me feel good are just some of the things I’m doing to get myself up and running again 🙂 .


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