You – A Summary

traffic lights

To the boy in the blue shirt / fresh in my memory / and my heart. / Don’t tell me your words mean a thing / if you’re just going to stop and start. / Like traffic lights / red and green / you move / back and forth / unsure / murky / like dreams. / Like nothing / is ever / what it seems. / You and me / it’s still all blue / misty / and in-between.


Meet me at that bridge, that doesn’t exist

Meet me at that bridge, that doesn’t exist

You can’t have what you want /

And I can’t have what I want /

So let’s meet at a place /

Where our desires are never apart.


And on that bridge /

that doesn’t exist /

amongst the fog, sighs and mist /

you can tell me the truth /

and where to start.


Describe it /

word for word /

like beauty /

like art.


As I lean back /

Watch me /

Unfold /

and hand you my heart.

On that day, when we meet again

coffee shop 3

I would like to lie under that tree / the one with the blossoms / with you beside me. / And on that day / when we meet again unexpectedly / and you tell me all the things / I never thought you’d say / we can draw our names / in heart shape and form / on the brown bark / with our fingers / intertwined / like in the stories and songs / where you are mine / and I am yours / and where the shadows dance around us / in the moonlight / all night long.